At 12 Acres, everything — from the flavour to the food to the people who make it — is nothing but real. We don’t load up our dishes with additives and preservatives. We don’t cut corners with pre-prepped ingredients, and almost everything we serve is made in-house. 

We are a restaurant that does things like they do out on the farm. Our meals are like your grandma makes: simple, good for you, and packed full of honest flavour. We promise it’s real, and it always will be. Honest to goodness.

Free Pretzel Bites 12 Acres.jpg

Get FREE bites!

You know what’s better than a plate of our soft pretzel bites with a side of rich porter-cheddar cheese dipping sauce? Getting it on the house, of course!

For a limited time, we’re giving away an order of our famous pretzel bites with every entrée. When you order, just say the code phrase “EXPOSE THE REAL” to your server and they’ll bring your pretzel bites for FREE.

The clock’s ticking, so hurry in before March 1 and get your pretzel bites today!